Tax Levy Resolution Specialists

What’s a Tax Levy?

A Tax Levy is a statutory action by the IRS to seize your property because of an unpaid tax debt. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A TAX LEVY NOTICE, STOP READING AND CALL US IMMEDIATELY! The IRS is files Tax Levy notices as a last resort, and can legally seize your property starting 30 days after sending you notice. You need immediate representation by an Enrolled Agent at DaleTax to stop the IRS from seizing your property. Unless you and your Enrolled Agent request a hearing, the IRS can and will take your property by whatever means necessary.

It is also possible that the IRS has made a mistake and thinks you owe money in error. This can happen in cases of identity theft and other situations. If you think the IRS has made a mistake in calculating how much tax you owe, call us or fill out the short form to the right so we can help you set the record straight.

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