Back Taxes? DaleTax Will Save You Money

If the IRS thinks you owe them money from the past, these back taxes can quickly accumulate and incur high interest charges. If you have received a letter claiming you owe money, don’t wait to act. If the problem is not solved soon, the IRS will issue a TAX LIEN against you, meaning they will take ownership of your property. If the issue continue to go unresolved, the IRS will eventually SEIZE YOUR PROPERTY by filing a TAX LEVY against you. If you feel you may be at risk for this, please contact us right away so we can help get you out of trouble.

The IRS is like a bank, and would rather get a settlement than a default on your debt. At DaleTax, we will file an Offer in Compromise on your behalf in order to lower your tax debt to a more manageable amount that you can pay off before the IRS seizes your property. We have helped many clients keep their homes and their dignity.

It is also possible that the IRS has made a mistake and thinks you owe money in error. This can happen in cases of identity theft and other situations. If you think the IRS has made a mistake in calculating how much tax you owe, call us or fill out the short form to the right so we can help you set the record straight. Don’t wait to act!

Additional Tax Problems

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