Is the IRS Auditing You?

What’s a Tax Audit?

If the IRS believes you have miscalculated your tax return, they may decide to audit you. This can be a very time-consuming and exhausting process for you, the taxpayer. They will ask for receipts, tax records, purchase and expense records, travel documents, proof of assets, and the list goes on. The burden of proof is on the taxpayer, and is often difficult and confusing to comply with. At DaleTax, we will handle this for you. Bring us the documents you have and we will solve the problem with the IRS.

To prevent an audit, we recommend you file your income taxes every year with a trained professional. Visit our Individual Tax and Business Tax pages to see the services we offer.

It is also possible that the IRS has made a mistake and thinks you owe money in error. This can happen in cases of identity theft and other situations. If you think the IRS has made a mistake in calculating how much tax you owe, call us or fill out the short form to the right so we can help you set the record straight.

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