Continuing the DaleTax Legacy: Building on 45 Years of Excellence

Melinda and I have some exciting news to share about DaleTax, but first I would like to give a little history of our company. My dad, Jim Dalebout, started this company in 1978. At the time, he was working as a cost accountant in the Open Hearth at Geneva Steel. He learned how to do taxes and started helping his fellow coworkers file their taxes.

After doing this for years, my dad finished two Bachelor’s degrees in 1993 and 1994: a degree in Finance from BYU and a degree in Accounting from Utah State. When he finished his education he decided it was time to work for himself full-time. He kept it small for several years, operating the business out of a spare bedroom in his home on 360 West in Orem until 2006. (I joined full-time in 2001.)

Jim loved working from home. When he built a new home in Provo the two of us worked side by side to finish offices in the basement to help accommodate the growth of the company he had grown from a hobby. Unfortunately, we only lasted 3 years in that new home with those beautiful new offices before moving the business to Pinnacle Park in Provo in 2010. Shortly thereafter in 2012, we were able to purchase our own office building—where we have been ever since.

Over the past decade, my dad and I often discussed the issues surrounding our growth and long-term plans. He didn’t want to add help, and he didn’t want to change locations. He loved working 3 minutes from home. But he was aware we wouldn’t be able to stay in our office for much longer.

His unexpected passing on August 18, 2022, made those issues more of a reality. In 2022, Jim was still working with over 1300 different tax return clients. He never acknowledged his age or his increasing limitations. But he needed help—a lot of help. However, he continued to do most of the work himself with the rest of our office trying to help him. Elise, who many of you know, came on in 2013. Melinda came on full-time in 2018, and then Ryan Stettler in 2022. All three of them did everything they could to help shoulder the burdens my dad faced but didn’t want to acknowledge.

Jim’s untimely death dealt our company a massive blow—one from which many organizations would not be able to recover. We have managed as best we could in the office space we have, but my dad was superhuman. He did more as a single accountant than entire firms do with a complete staff. It has become clear that it will take more than one person to even try to replace him—though we know he can never truly be replaced.

Early this year Melinda and I began to discuss what DaleTax would look like in a different office: a space that would allow for more help; a space that would allow for all 11 of us to be on one floor, working together. So, we started the search.

Our expedition took us to many different locations around the valley. But the one that we kept coming back to was downtown Provo in the Harris Financial Center (Wells Fargo building). The owners of the commercial space presented us with an opportunity that was just too good to pass up. With the help of family, friends, and much soul-searching, we decided that 86 North University Avenue in Provo would provide us with the office space we needed. We were able to secure our location in early June this year. And with a few modifications, along with some new paint and carpet, we will be ready for tax season 2024.

We know my dad would be happy with the direction we are going. In the days before he passed away, we discussed his legacy. We talked at length about me, my siblings, and his grandkids. We talked about the company he started from nothing and the miracle that it would outlive him to continue his legacy of excellent service.

We have tried to honor him in this change. The name of his company continues. He still has a space in our new office. We also chose Suite 360 to be part of the address to honor our roots on 360 West in Orem. We have included his name in the entity that holds the name of this space. We want him to be a part of this change even though he isn’t able to be here in person.

I personally want to express my gratitude to our clients who have navigated these difficult changes with us. I know it hasn’t been easy, and I know that many of you have experienced grief and loss over the last year along with me and my family. But we look forward. That’s what Jim would want. He taught us to serve our clients and give our best effort. Every client, every time. And that is what we will strive to do as we move forward.

As we turn this page in DaleTax’s 45-year history we look forward to continuing the legacy that has been entrusted to us from our founder.

– Jeff Dalebout